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I am invested in making sure that you’re happy with all the services that I provide, and so far it seems like my students agree. Have a look at what some of my students have to say about me.

Sarra I.
Process Support

Alex is an amazing french teacher, his lessons helped me ace my TCFQ exam in less than 6 weeks, he was very resourceful, patient and encouraging. The sessions were tailored to my needs, were really fun, covered a wide range of topics and went by really quickly. Alex helped me become a more confident french speaker and I would recommend his services to anyone who wants to learn french or just needs to gain more confidence when speaking the language.

Shikha U.
Business Development Manager

I’ve had a great experience taking French classes with Alex. He has in-depth knowledge of the language, quickly adapted to my learning style, but above all exhibits a high degree of patience while teaching. Learning a new language as an adult can be daunting and slow paced, however Alex makes the classes fun and interactive. He truly exhibits a passion for teaching and cares about the progress of his students. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to learn French!

Shanthony E.
Integrated Design Freelancer

Alex is a great French teacher. I went from barely being able to string a basic sentence together to being able to communicate my ideas. I really like that it is done over Skype as it is much easier to work in a couple of french classes a week into my busy schedule. His non conventional approach is really effective, and he does a good job of adapting his teaching style to the way I learn best!

Matthew B.
Art Director

Alex was a fantastic tutor and an invaluable asset to help me get a basic grasp on the French language when I had basically 0% knowledge before hand. He was extremely patient and excellent at catering our lessons to help me work on aspects that would be instantly beneficial within my professional life. Was a pleasure taking my lessons from him every week. Would absolutely recommend in a heart beat. Merci beaucoup Alex!

Megan R.

In-Clinic Service Director

I approached Alex with the goal of becoming more confident in my French working environment, but I ended up gaining a lot more from my experience with Alex as a tutor! Our conversation was always fun and engaging, and I always felt inspired to learn and even to travel after our conversations. We covered topics that inspired passion and really brought out the cultural side of language - which is why I began to learn french in the first place! I really felt like I was talking to a close friend, and enjoyed catching up - in french, of course. Our lessons were always comfortable while he was still very attentive to my needs and the small improvements I could make. I feel I have made a lot of progress in my french ability since we started working together! Thanks Alex!

Susan M.

Strategic Planner Sr. Manager

Alex is a gifted teacher. Because he has many years of experience as both a French and English teacher, he knows a variety of creative teaching methods to ensure you learn what you need to. His calming personality makes you feel completely comfortable, even when you're making mistakes. He is always encouraging and positive. He customizes his training methods to meet my needs which is more business related. He is the best teacher I have ever had and I have had over a dozen. If you want to improve your language skills quickly, you should definitely work with Alex!

Eric R.
Freelancer Writer, Voice Over Actor, Video Editor

Alex is an excellent teacher period. I learned more about the french language in 7 weeks than I ever had in 15 years of taking classes. If you are planning to take French classes skip them and put the tuition towards working with Alex. He is passionate about what he does and seeing you improve as a person. He customized his training methods to meet my needs. He allowed me to see my own blind spots and surpass them. There isn't enough I can say about Alex. If you're serious about learning French give him a call.

Heath R.
Demand Generation Manager

From the moment I decided to work with Alex as a tutor, he has added tremendous value to both my personal and professional life. His passion for French is rivaled only by his commitment to each and every one of his students. He has been a pleasure to work with both as a teacher and a mentor. Whether you are looking to learn French as a beginner or polish your existing skills - you need not look anywhere else.

Senija K.
Health Service Manager

While I recognize that private tutoring can be a significant investment, my choice to get a private tutor, Alex, was the best decision possible. Alex helped my son to do better in school, boost his confidence and ensure that he stayed engaged in learning French. When tutoring in person was not available, Alex integrated Skype to create a non-traditional learning environment. We’re happy with the enthusiasm Alex demonstrated and would highly recommended him.

Jordan G.
Owner-East Van Barbell Club

Alex is a truly talented, intelligent teacher who really cares about the success of his students.


He employs a variety of methods to keep things interesting and to create a very comprehensive and effective learning experience.

He has made learning French fun, I truly look forward to every lesson with him. Alex's business is of the highest quality and I cannot recommend his services enough.

Nadine T.

Alex has been a great tutor for my 5 year old daughter. He established a rapport with her almost immediately and he made his lessons interactive and fun and developmentally appropriate for her age. She began with basically no French and within two months, she learned basic French vocabulary, the ABCs, numbers, colours, greetings, and was even formulating sentences.

I highly recommend Alex as a French tutor!

Brett A.
Coffee-Shop Barista

Working with Alex was, comfortable, easy and fun. I felt my progress was fast paced and he genuinely cared and listened to the way I learnt which made the process successful

Kara H.
Professional Gardner

My motivation to study French came after several vacations to France left me feeling frustrated by my inability to communicate. I am a woman in my 40’s and when I met Alex, my knowledge of French was very basic and mostly long forgotten - I have not studied or spoken French since high school.

Alex has been my French tutor for one year. When we first met, he thoroughly assessed my current knowledge base and determined my goals and motivation. With this information he has been able to prepare relevant lessons that not only meet my specific needs but also have relevant application in the French speaking world.

In the many tutoring sessions we have spent together, Alex has used a variety of teaching methods including writing, reading out loud, scenario conversations, and listening exercises. The variety keeps the lessons fresh and challenging. To further immerse myself in the French language and culture, Alex encourages me to watch French movies/videos, and read from French websites and books.

As a person, Alex is encouraging and has a terrific sense of humour. However, his best trait is his patience. I am grateful for his willingness to repeatedly review a concept, without judgement, until it makes sense and I am able to incorporate it into my speaking/writing.

Recently Alex moved to a different city. He suggested we continue working together on Skype. I was skeptical tutoring in this format would work for me. I am happy to report Skype tutoring has proven to be very successful!!

I am making steady progress with Alex and I look forward to the day I can go to a restaurant or market and have a comfortable conversation in french.

Leanna L.
Regulatory Affairs Manager

I started French lessons with Alex after moving from Vancouver to Montreal for a job. Having some basic knowledge from high school, my goal was to focus on my spoken French that had been neglected for many years. From our first session, Alex identified my needs and customized the classes to them. He is an encouraging, patient, and knowledgeable tutor, and made our sessions fun and dynamic, rarely feeling like a class. The online format was also extremely convenient and allowed me to work towards my goal with little disruption to my schedule. Overall, my confidence grew immensely after my classes with Alex and I am really grateful for his help. I would definitely recommend anyone wanting to learn or improve their language skills to him!

Joanna J.
Master's Degree Geography Student

I am originally from Vancouver and came to Montreal to study at McGill University. Given that I operate in an English-speaking environment on a day-to-day basis, I do not get many opportunities to practice my French. I have always wanted to improve, to have the capacity to interact socially, professionally, and academically in a Francophone environment. When I first contacted Alex, I had decided to conduct an academic exchange in Marseille and I needed to improve my level quickly. I was interested in the idea of having private courses online. I have already tried taking French language courses in a classroom setting and I found that there was too little personalized attention, and that I often felt the curriculum did not cover the subjects I found most important or interesting. With Alex, I was able to decide on my own syllabus and on elements that I found most pertinent and challenging. Given that I was very busy and needed to be at my office every day, the opportunity to do our classes by Skype was very convenient. It was easy to work the classes into my schedule, and I found the online class to be as effective as they would have been in person. The regularity and personalized nature of the sessions allowed me to improve and build confidence quickly and to reflect on questions and challenges from our lessons that I could ask Alex at our following class. Overall, I highly enjoyed the classes and I feel that I benefited substantially from them. Alex is a very enthusiastic and effective teacher. He speaks English (and other languages) fluently, which was often useful when learning highly complex concepts or when a direct translation was needed to understand something specific. My objective was to improve my speaking abilities and Alex was very helpful in this. Not only was he flexible, respectful and easy to talk to, but we covered some very interesting topics in our extensive discussions! If you want to quickly improve your language skills and have a busy schedule, I would sincerely recommend taking classes with Alex.

Ken S.
Clinical Accountant Specialist

I am pleased to offer an enthusiastic endorsement of Alex and his French language lessons. I began taking lessons with Alex last year and have already seen improvements in my French language skills. I have been taking lessons for seven years and sought out Alex’s services to get a different perspective and take my French to another level. When we first spoke, Alex asked me what my goals were and I let him know that I wanted to focus on French conversation and he structured our lessons accordingly. I really appreciated how he provided a summary our our initial lessons with recommendations where I could make improvements. The option of private lessons is perfect for me. I have gone to group language sessions and one of the drawbacks can be the varying language skills of the participants. In a one-on-one session, the lessons are tailored to your abilities and you are able to make progress much more quickly. I love that Alex offers lessons online. This has been so convenient and has allowed me to do a lesson from the road or my home. As noted my goal was to improve my conversational French and I feel that I have done exactly that thanks to my lessons with Alex. In addition, Alex is a great person to talk to with a fascinating background. I always look forward to our lessons. I really believe that Alex has helped me achieve a higher level of French fluency and I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone else looking to do the same. Bonne chance!

Jessica R.
Festival and Barter Liaison & Artist

Hi, I’m Jessica. I live in the US and I’m

a mom and teacher. I studied French in high school and college, but never achieved true proficiency or ease with the language. I started studying with Alex because I wanted to finally reach that level. I chose private tutoring because I need the flexibility to fit sessions into my schedule. Studying with Alex exactly fit my needs. Despite all of my previous study, I learned many practical French skills and gained insights into the language that had been omitted in every class I had ever taken previously. The experience that Alex has as a teacher and language learner himself has allowed him to perfect his explanations of many of the stumbling blocks that English speakers come up against when advancing with French. I always enjoy my sessions with Alex, he is an unfailingly polite and kind teacher yet also challenging and I really appreciate the standard that he holds himself to. Alex has earned my trust and I will always schedule more sessions with him when I need to further advance my skills in French.

Jimmy S.
IT Consultant

I've known Alex since September 2018, about 4 months and have been seeing him at various intervals from once a week to five times as my French tutor. During our sessions, I have come to know Alex well, and therefore can comment on some aspects of his teaching. Alex is hard-working/dedicated, honest, creative, and organized; it's been a pleasure working with him. He's been committed to my learning objectives to become a B2 level speaker in French. Together we built a curriculum and schedule that makes sense given the few hours I'm able to dedicate per week. He's incorporated the use simple tools to stay organized and collaborate seamlessly. We use Google docs to interact offline, mainly answering questions -questions are normally answered within the hour. Alex has also been adaptable to my communication style and needs; for example, at first, I asked Alex to point out each time I make a mistake - he did so earnestly; however, realizing it was hindering my confidence as a beginner speaker and a growing subconscious fear to avoid making a mistake, I asked Alex to adjust this approach/style. Since then, his patience and encouragement has lead to far more growth in my confidence and learning. In conclusion, I would highly recommend Alex. If my performance under his tutorship is any indication of his ability to teach, anyone would be fortunate to have Alex as a French tutor. If you should need any additional information, you can feel free to contact me via LinkedIn anytime. Sincerely, -Jimmy

Austin Dunn
Food Deliverer

Je suis allé chercher mon attestation aujourd'hui, et j'ai appris que j'ai gagné une marque de B2 sur la section d'expression en plus de mon résultat de C1 sur la compréhension. C'est à dire que... j'ai réussi!


Merci encore et encore pour toute ton aide. Je pouvais pas le faire sans toi. Je te souhaite le meilleur!

Njeri M.
Python Developer

Hey Alex!


I passed! I got a C1 for listening and B2 for speaking! 


Thank you so much for your help it really took me from 0 to something! :) 

Best wishes, 


Eduardo M.
Global Business Partner Technical Enablement Partner

Hola Alex!


Got C2 in oral comprehension and B2 in oral expression.

Just wanted to say thanks a lot. Goal achieved 😀

Jamie L.
PsyD Clinical Psychology Student

Hi Alex!


I wanted to let you know that I got my results in and thankfully passed the exam (TFI)! I want to thank you very much for your help. I know that if I took the exam again, I would do much better thanks to you. I almost wish I could take the test again! lol! Wishing you all the best and if I ever need a French tutor, I know who to come to. Thank you again!   




Faiyaz H.
Quantum Algorithms Researcher

I had taken French lessons with Alex over the last two months and benefitted tremendously from his teaching methods. Through the context of discussions on personal interests, anecdotes and current affairs, he patiently offered grammatical corrections and tips on pronunciation. The end result is that both my understanding of grammar and conversational ease grew congruously. I find his wholistic and highly personalized approach to teaching very refreshing and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their French.

Andrea L.
Bachelor of Arts Student

Guess what??

I got a B2 on both exams!!
I got my grades today and I'm so happy!!
Thank you so much Alex!!
I'm very happy that that I passed and that i don't have to take it again

and I'm so thankful for all your help :)

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